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DORMA Automatic Sliding Door (GERMANY)




             Dorma ES200 EASY (Made in Germany)

             Automatic Sliding Door Operator

             For double leaf glass doors (100 kgs. Max. door weight per panel)



  • 5 Position Program Switch (Auto/Close/Open).
  • Safety light barrier - in case someone stands between the door panels, the doors will stay open.
  • Back-up battery, bi-stable electro-mecanical lock.
  • Operator length should not exceed 4000mm length.
  • Door operator profile and cover are in aluminum silver finish.


Not included in the scope of work:

  • Door panels, fixed panels are not included in this offer.
  • Substructures, if required.

           Note: Substructure should be able to carry the combined weight of doors and operator.

  • Provision for power supply at site

           Note: Power should be supplied / terminate at the operator.

  • Provision for conduits for power and Program Switch (if needed).
  • Preparation for access passes for our installers, if required.
  • Installation of glass door panels.
  • Power coating of the Operator profile if needed.

           Note: if the operator is to be covered or clad in another material, the must be a provision for easy removeble

      of the cover / cladding for servicing purposes.


      Price quoted are for delivery and installation within Metro Manila.

      This offer is subject to change upon changes to the site conditions.

      Price Validity: 30 days

      Delivery time: 1-2 weeks upon receipt of down-payment. Balance upon delivery.


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